About Us

Pachinko Fever is a travelling pachinko parlor based out of Kansas City, Missouri.  We travel to events such as anime and gaming conventions and Japanese festivals with 8-24 pachinko machines and run an arcade with them, where players can earn cool prizes.

Don’t know what pachinko is or how to play it? That’s ok! Check out our FAQ page here.

Our History:

In 2009 we bought our first pachinko machine, a 1960’s Nishijin Deluxe, to engage fans at an anime convention promotion table.  We found the game fun and fascinating, and on the way home from the first convention we took it to, we bought two more modern machines, from 2004.

The evolution of the game from a simple, purely mechanical function, to a complex game with flashing lights, music, video, animatronics, and randomized odds was equally fascinating and our goal became to collect machines from different eras to show that evolution.

We now have over 40 machines, ranging in age from 1951 to 2016.

Over the course of collecting the machines we learned a lot about cleaning and maintaining them, and have worked hard to make several of the older machines playable again.   We currently have 3 machines in various stages of actively being restored.