Our Most Recent Acquisitions

While we were out visiting family in Maryland, we picked up two beautiful vintage machines.

The are a bit dirty but in surprisingly good shape for their age.  Definitely late 40’s or early 50’s machines.  My current guess would be 1951 or 1952.

The first step on these will be a good thorough cleaning, during which I will be able to identify and more serious repairs needed.

These will both need some re-chroming on the flipper, which is pretty pricey, so they may be out of commission for a while.

Pachinko Workshop

For a while now most of the machines needing work have been crammed into the garage.  Originally we had planned to work on them out there, but the temperature fluctuations and continuous use of it as storage for other things kept much work from actually happening.  And it’s hard to clean machines in a space that continuously collects dust and leaves and dirt and sawdust…

After about two weeks of work running electrical, installing drywall, painting, and building shelving, the pachinko workshop has a new home!

Pachinko Machine Restoration

I’m Jared, the guy who runs Pachinko Fever.  Pachinko has been a passion of mine for several years and I recently started working on restoring some vintage machines from the 50’s and 60’s.  I plan to post pictures of the process and talk about some of the work it takes to restore a machine here.