Vintage Machines

Our Vintage Machines:
Machines which are operated by a manual flipper and have mechanical jackpots. These machines do not require electricity to function, but did have a light that indicated when the reward hopper was empty.
Listed chronologically from oldest to newest.

1963 Nishijin
1975 Nishijin
1975 Maruto
1985 Sankyo “Super Combi

1963 Nishijin


This was the first machine in our collection. This particular model features the “pac-man” in the upper right corner, which will open when you get a ball into the center feature.

1975 Nishijin “Totem”


1975 Maruto


1985 Sankyo “Super Combi”


This is a crossover machine.  It is old enough that the jackpot mechanism is still mechanical, but new enough to have the electronic throttle instead of the manual flipper lever.  Additionally if you get a ball into the center feature the tulips will flash and the machine plays music.  Most people classify this as a “modern” machine because it does require electricity to function, due to the motorized ball launch.